A Motorized Scooter for Jayden


Over the weekend, we were able to present Jayden, a young boy with a catastrophic form of epilepsy, with a motorized scooter made for his unique needs.

“When you first called me, I started crying because someone cared.” - Jayden's father, Jason

Jayden is a 12-year-old boy with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy. He suffers frequent and prolonged seizures, sometimes daily, and is severely disabled.

We came into contact with the family after receiving a complaint of a handicap scooter speeding on the boardwalk. When we located them, Jason shared Jayden’s condition. On Jayden’s good days, which are few, he would drive from Modesto to Newport Beach and rent this handicap scooter at Seaside. Jason began seeing an improvement in Jayden the more he got him outside on the scooter. Jason eventually made the decision to relocate his family to Huntington Beach in order to have more scooter days on Jayden’s good days.

After this contact with the family, our team decided we wanted to do something to help them and we came up with the idea to have a scooter built for Jayden. We contacted John Marconi at The Cyclist Bike Shop and asked if he would be able to help us build a handicap scooter made for Jayden’s unique needs and he immediately agreed. The Newport Beach Police Association board did not hesitate to get involved and reached out to Huntington Beach Police Officers' Association since Jayden lives in their city, and they agreed to split the cost of the scooter.

We were finally able to present Jayden and Jason with the scooter at the Cyclist this past weekend after numerous fittings over the summer. Jayden’s enthusiasm was undeniable, and it was an emotional moment for all involved. We are thrilled to help Jayden have more good days on his scooter and are fortunate to be part of a community that helps us to give back.

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